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Environmental Services

Environmental Services Program Overview
The REG has nationwide capabilities to provide proficient management services to eliminate, reduce, re-use, recycle and dispose of all waste and by-products that are generated at our client’s manufacturing and non-manufacturing facilities.

Program Attributes/Benefits

  1. One-stop shopping for the comprehensive management of all plant by-products and wastes
  2. Reduces multiple vendors to a single management company
  3. Allow clients to focus on core business activities
  4. Reduces client cost

1. Regulatory Compliance

  • Reduce the burden of compliance through waste minimization
  • Employ highly educated and experience staff
  • Innovative training programs
  • Compliance auditing process

2. Waste Reduction

  • Focus on the Environmental Hierarchy: Eliminate, Reduce, Re-use and Recycle
  • Employ process audit and mapping techniques to develop innovative waste minimization plans
  • Leverage extensive experience to maximize program efficiencies
  • Utilize “State-of-the-Art” computer software to provide governmental and client-required environmental reports

3. Cost Management

  • Guaranteed year-to-year cost savings
  • Flat fee or cost per unit billing structure
  • Develop and implement cost reduction plans
  • Continuously measure our document progress and program improvement

REG has demonstrated annual reductions in waste volumes and cost to our manufacturing and non-manufacturing clients nationwide. As a matter of business philosophy, we work to eliminate or minimize the waste by-products our clients generate, while maximizing the value of those wastes and complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

REG has developed strategies to reduce waste management system costs concurrent with the development of waste reduction programs. REG utilizes customized computer software to track generation and accumulation of program wastes and by-products, while identifying and optimizing trends for enhanced management. REG knows that your success in compliance, cost savings and waste reduction is the key to our success and sustainability.