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Annual Reaffirmation of Rickman Enterprise Group Commitments

On behalf of Rickman Enterprise Group (REG), we believe it is a privilege to work with our colleagues, customers, and communities.

You’ve read our mission and know that trusted industry expertise is what we serve up at Rickman Enterprise Group…for 30 years so far and, we envision, for the sustainable future. Today, I am proud to share that our strategic plan for sustainability, along with our long-term community alliances, are working for your best interest.

At Rickman Enterprise Group we’ve established a program to provide mentoring and ethical, sound business guidance that can equip our employees and interested colleagues for success at various stages in their professional lives.

We are hard at work to meet our 2018 – 2019 goals: to influence public policy concerning clean energy and the environment; improve supplier diversity; lead the industry in safety and relevant training initiatives; and to align with new professional veteran and business associations, as well as progressive community organizations.

At Rickman Enterprise Group, we’re proud of the progress we’ve made to scale our business services, expand our domestic marketplace, and to prioritize our corporate values: Safety; Excellence; Competitive Pricing; Quality Service; and Innovation.

Staying relevant in a world driven by innovation only happens if we put you at the core of our planning and decision-making processes. With your support, Rickman Enterprise Group remains committed to building a better, sustainable tomorrow for all of us. At Rickman Enterprise Group, we recognize that not every plan we create is going to work. With that in mind, I invite you to share your thoughts with us on our performance moving forward. This way, we can continue to carry out our mission while taking care to address your feedback in the areas with the greatest opportunities for our improvement.

Since my last message, I’ve learned to better appreciate the diversity of our communication with and the perception of Rickman Enterprise Group in the communities we serve. I can gladly share with you our understanding of and our corporate commitment to industry leadership, customer response and community service.

Please enjoy our website and do contact your local REG office for additional information. “Experience the Rickman difference.”

Roderick K. Rickman

Roderick K. Rickman, Chairman & CEO
Rickman Enterprise Group