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Message from the Chairman/CEO

Dear Colleagues, Members & Customers,

I have always believed that if you treat people right, it will strengthen and grow your business. That includes providing value to our customers, as well as delivering training and encouragement to our employees for the long-term. And, our company is in the business of environmental and industrial services focused on respect for the earth and the communities in which we all live, work and play.

At Rickman Enterprise Group, it is our responsibility to ourselves and the next generations to make an impactful difference in the community. It is what helps build generational excellence, builds stronger communities and makes our country great. I was encouraged to hear leading CEOs publicly commit to doing more than focusing on short-term profit for shareholders. Their statement addressing creating value for customers, investing in employees, working ethically with suppliers, supporting the community and environment are what every company should aspire to achieve. We, at Rickman Enterprise Group, know it is important to pay attention to all the stakeholders –our customers, our employees, our suppliers, the community and the environment. By paying attention to these important stakeholders, businesses can and do grow and prosper in concert with the community.

I have been a long-time advocate for minority-owned businesses and am the first vice chair of the NMSDC’s National Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee. We are continually looking for ways to drive more meaningful and sustaining business opportunities into corporate and governmental supply chains. I am also president of the National Veteran Owned Business Round Table (VOBRT), which is doing much the same thing for veterans. Besides helping them grow their businesses through mentoring and training, we advocate on their behalf. We are working with the Veterans Administration to create matchmaking vendor shows across the country to engage veterans who have served our country. In the community, we have always been active in helping to solve community problems of the underserved through training and hiring programs to prevention of violence against women to fair governmental purchasing practices. Rickman Enterprise Group serves our customers in three major ways. First, we provide environmental cleanup services. That includes responsibly cleaning up environmental waste from factories and manufacturing facilities, solid waste separation and transport, environmental cleaning and regulatory compliance. Secondly, we deliver industrial services like high pressure water cleaning, pipe/sewer cleaning, tank cleaning and emergency response cleanup. Our facility maintenance crew deliver housekeeping services, paint system cleaning, technical cleaning and facility support.

I think it is important to set goals around caring and delivering ethical, inclusive and value-added business practices. However, it needs to be more than just words. These practices need to be built into the fabric of the company from the C suite to every level of the organization. Customer-facing associates, supply chain buyers, business unit managers and workers at every part of the organization need to understand the impact their decisions and actions make. Supplier diversity programs started out to address the inequities within the underserved communities. We need to connect every part of our organizations to real impact.

Roderick Rickman Chairman /C.E.O.